The Process

1.   The Initial Meeting

An initial meeting is strongly recommended in order to get to know one another as well as discuss the ceremony and what you as a couple envision. Since no one should feel like they are "on the spot," I usually recommend meeting at a neutral location that is in between our residence or place of business.

2.   Booking the Date

Should you decide to have me perform your ceremony, a $100.00 non-refundable retainer fee is required to hold the date and time of your ceremony. The balance is due 2 weeks prior to the ceremony but other arrangements can be made such as the night of the rehearsal or prior to the commencement of the ceremony.

3.   Making Your Selections

Using the packet of material provided to the couple at the initial meeting (or as an electronic file), the couple makes their selections for each part of the ceremony. This can be done either through another face-to-face meeting, via a phone conversation or through email. That decision is based entirely upon the schedule of the couple.  A draft is then prepared and sent to the couple for their final approval. 

4.   The Rehearsal

At the rehearsal, I will step you through the ceremony and rehearse with you your vow and ring exchange. If there is no coordinator to run the rehearsal, I am more than happy to do so.

5.   The Ceremony

On the day of the ceremony, I will arrive 45 minutes prior to the commencement of the ceremony. Should there be any "last minute" changes, I will be there early enough to make sure that the changes will go into effect. 

6.   The Signing of the Marriage License

Once the ceremony is over, I will sign all of the appropriate paperwork and make sure that the required paperwork is mailed back to the court house. The copy of your Marriage License will be presented to you prior to my leaving the venue.

CONGRATULATIONS are then in order.