Spiritual Science

What is Spiritual Science?

Though Spiritual Science is a religion, it is also a philosophy; a way one lives one’s life. It is in a sense organic, in that as the individual progresses and advances to another level of awareness, more will be revealed that individual.

Spiritual Science is a way for one to develop their own personal relationship with the Divine as well as the relationship that exists between all things in existence. It also aids the individual to understand and apply the laws and principles of the universe through the study and understanding of esoteric and metaphysical philosophies which encourages the individual to test their beliefs and prove them scientifically. Spiritual Science does not tell you what to believe: it teaches the individual to ASK!

Spiritual Science also teaches Man’s relationship to the Divine. It teaches humanity-where it came from and where it goes! It also teaches that life does not end with this physical existence but rather that this life is just a step on the journey of the soul to achieve perfection and to personally know the Divine.

The History of Spiritual Science

The Spiritual Science Mother Church was founded on May 29, 1923 by Reverend Julia Forrest at Carnegie Hall Studios, in New York City. Mother Forrest was a Christian Scientist who, after converting to Spiritualism, modeled The Spiritual Science Mother, with Carl Horton Pearce, upon the structure of the Christian Science Mother Church.

The National Spiritual Science Center was established in Washington, DC in 1942 by Reverend Alice Wellstood Tindall as the First Spiritual Science Church. Reverend Tindall was trained at the Spiritual Science Church Mother Church in New York City.

In 1969, due to illness, Reverend Tindall turned the church over to Reverends Henry and Diane Nagorka. They moved the church to 16th Street, N.W. and renamed the church THE NATIONAL SPIRITUAL SCIENCE CENTER. The NSSC is close to its 80th year, providing Healing and Spiritual Services and a four year curriculum.

Reverend Sylvia Kalb, a student of NSSC and later a teacher, founded the Baltimore Spiritual Science Center in 1976 with a four and one-half year study curriculum. BSSC also offered services to the local community.

Reverend Bill Teyssier graduated from BSSC in 2001 and, after acceptance into the Ministerial Program at The Baltimore Spiritual Science Center, was ordained in May of 2002. His first wedding was performed in June of that same year. Since then Reverend Bill has performed over 600 weddings in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.

After graduation from The Baltimore Spiritual Science Center, Rev. Bill taught the 2nd year curriculum at the Silentlight School of Correspondence as well as the 2nd and 4th year curriculum at The Baltimore Spiritual Science Center. Rev. Bill later became the facilitator of Silentlight School, renaming it Silent Light Spiritual Science Center and then The Maryland Spiritual Science Center. The Maryland Spiritual Science Center offers a four-year course of intensive study based upon the curriculum of The Baltimore Spiritual Science Center.

In 2018, Reverend Teyssier became a member of the Board of Directors of The Spiritual Science Mother Church and currently serves as a President.


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